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Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-niners, the detroit lion, the forty-niners this beat alliance last year in detroit, the win was overshadowed by the post-game handshake and enthusiastic jim harbaugh, giving him a rough patch on the back. you'll hear about this all week. today jim harbaugh wanted to put that one to bed. >> i really think it is just a small controversy. it is completely irrelevant, to put it next to the game itself is missing the point in my opinion. i do not know that i have anything more than i possibly add to that. >> the nba all-time most winning coach and former warrior head coach don nelson was inducted into the basketball hall of fame over the weekend, starting off the plays of the weekend. >> hopefully this will be my last tuxedo that will be wearing. >> come out and have a cup of coffee with me. i have a coffee shop there, shaved ice. thank you very much. >> ever the pitchman, peyton manning made his broncos did you a winning one. his 400th career touchdown joins only brett farve and dan marino in that category. the future hall of famer making his rookie debut, robert gerson of the third, wears no. 8
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
competitor. >> police ramping up security at sunday night's 49ers home opener against the detroit lions, undercover officers dressed in 49ers and detroit colors will be at the game, this will allow them to stay on top of the crowd and stay alert for any criminal activities. officers will also be on a lookout for ticket scalping. >> the playoffs are online for the oakland a's tonight and there is a push to remind fans that the franchise may be as well. this wraps up a week-long campaign by a group called " save oakland sports ". the goal is to sell out the coliseum for the big game against the baltimore orioles. that is about as good as it gets in the american league right now. the sellout busch wraps up five days of efforts to keep these teams in oakland. >> coming up, in the next half- hour, the growing anti-american protests fuelled by a movie trailer. >> , violent demonstrations are spreading beyond the middle east and the presidential tribute to the fallen ambassador from the bay area. >> they are often used to ease muscle pain but how those products can actually send you to the hos
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
season with an oblique muscle strain that he suffered yesterday in detroit. this is not hat trick that the a's were looking for. he joins bartolo colon and jared parker as the a's top starters who are out for the season. the question now is can actually hold on to make the playoffs? trying to avoid a sweep in detroit, prince fielder picked it up off of issues and he scored after just credit fondled a baseball. not a great play, dietrich gave it back and then some. this ring or to austin jackson lewis, two run scored, 6/3 oakland, scoring four in the sixth inning. in the ninth inning, two outs, and that is a fair ball for seth smith. smith got a home run in the game, the a's win 12/4 and they lead in that wild card by four games over the angels who play tonight. >> it is hard to put into words, you work so hard and put in so much time. >> he will be fined $15,000 if he wears that had again. today he was wearing a 49 is that before the giants' most colorado. paul blows and of all build a 40 niner but gone. and then they danced with brian wilson in the dugout, the dance must have bee
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> both coaches are not playing ball with the media after this incident in detroit, a strong handshake and slap on the back. the best perspective in all of this is jim's brother john who is the raven's head coach. >> i was thinking about that a little bit, there has not been so much attention paid to a handshake since grant and lee shook hands at appomattox. you like that? a moment to think about that. i thought it was appropriate. obviously he was grant. for the rebels. >> judge for yourself. the two men spoke for 25 minutes, we shook grants hands to surrender and they never got another chance to read the brief history lesson is what separates us from other sports departments that literally put you to sleep. case in point, this host fell asleep on his radio show. >> as you can see mike, to share his absence, is part of this, the yankees ... >> stanford is going to host at usc on the form this weekend. among the stable of running backs is all famer barry santo. >> i have had people think that i am a father. >> if he plays anything like his father he will go far with sanders in the back
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to go down. right now detroit leads 5/0 in the eighth inning. price harbor and the national try to bury the dodgers in washington. tied at one in the fifth inning, he gets one into right and it is off to the races. he later scored the go-ahead run. washington wins 3/1. why are we showing you this? it means the giants magic number to clinch the division is down to six. it could be for by the end of the night. the magic number is a combination of giants winning and dodgers losses, once that number reaches zero the giants clinched the division. of course i fans will need to make a choice tonight whether to watch the ball game, or ... >> a little trouble ford jeff kent on survivor. the questions are, is his knee ok? or will he survive to see another episode? >> money is in pain and i possibly could have torn my acl. if my teammates don't love me they will kick me off this island fast. >> a $10 million prize at stake in the fed ex cup. the buss headed into the weekend is less about their play and more about their relationship after greg norman said this. " what i am seeing is that tiger is r
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
teams that are a combined 56 games over 0.500. murderers' row began tonight in detroit. two runs over his past three starts, he never lost in the big leagues. but he did tonight. johnny peralta, giving the tigers a 1 run lead and then get ready for lift off, you cannot hang a curveball on miguel cabrera. that made it 3/1 and right now the a's are going down 8/2. the giants are cruising into the playoffs and could clinch the national league keitel as soon as friday. he has been injured since just to post-season games, wearing the orange and black, has multiple benefits. >> a lot of the pitching staff have driven me crazy over the past couple of years. but it is a good group and i decided to be here. obviously i grew up a giants fan, it was pretty special. that i had the opportunity to be here has been pretty neat. >> meanwhile, the nhl lockout hit in the national hockey league is on. owners want the players share of league revenues reduced from 57 percent down to 47% as our cameras found out today, the lockout is just that. as of saturday nhl players are not allowed inside of team faci
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6